November 2, 2015 – Monday

Finally. It’s November and we can’t wait to start planning for our Thanksgiving Holiday. Mom already called the annual family meeting with pen and paper in hand, (no phones allowed) to pass out the “who is making what list.”
We start by replacing all of our spices in the cabinet with fresh new ones. But…..don’t throw them away. We put the cinnamon, nutmeg, apple pie spice etc. in a pan with water and simmer for days on the stove to make the house smell festive!

We will also start chopping fresh apples to make our favorite pie, Daddy’s Apple Walnut Pie! To early you say? Well no it isn’t. Our auntie Lou gave us this fabulous tip a few years ago. Add chopped apples, your cinnamon and sugar that the recipe calls for and toss into a Ziploc bag and freeze! It saves so much time and the apple mixture is ready when you are! We always say to each other, why did she wait so long to tell us this? It’s a life changer!!
Next, we will locate the table cloth, think about what dishes to use and then the most important question of all… to decorate the table. Well……… I really don’t know why my younger sister and I even bother to get involved in this, Joy will start controlling the whole thing and take over…so why does she even bother to ask us. But we laugh, let it happen and love that we are all together again and able to celebrate another year!

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